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5 Easy Ways to Cash in on Social Media

By on July 22, 2015
generate leads with social media

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering where to find hot, new sales leads, the answer may be in your front pocket or on the desk in front of you. Let your fingers do the walking on your smart phone, tablet or laptop to bring you beaucoup leads through social media! You’re about to learn five new ways to turn Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into a treasure trove of new business for your station.

We all know that good sales leads tend to come from referrals and people we know. Pounding the pavement can only produce so much. But, as sales people we’re told to listen to the prospect, because they will tell us how they want to be sold.  Social media is exactly made for this.

  • Follow your prospects on Twitter and ‘LIKE’ their Facebook Business Page; follow their LinkedIn page.
  • Comment on their status updates; share some of their tweets and ‘LIKE’ their updates.
  • Listen to how they do business

By the way, it takes some work to do this. But, this time investment directly relates to sales. Spending no time on the prospect will yield no return.

Now that you’re listening and attentive you can use 5 steps to help your leads and ultimately close the sale:

  1. Use LINKEDIN to find the right people – the true buyers – you need to talk to in the company you’re pursuing. LinkedIn is a more professional networking environment, so this is the right place to connect with people that might be interested in your product or service. Join a group that makes sense for you to be part of and where you can be a contributor. Focus your efforts on a few of the right groups for your lead base.
  2. Use TWITTER for listening. It’s amazing what you can find out about a company, its brand, and its people — and where their pains are. Use what you hear as leverage to pick up the phone and call. Listen for problems that can be solved. In fact, you can start a Twitter Chat and ‘hash tag’ it. For example, #WABEBizTalk. Publicize when you’ll have it..
  3. Join a community or host a MeetUp for business owners and managers to come to an event. No business here, but good mingling and getting to know the people you can help. People that will remember your name when you do call them.
  4. Engage in the conversation. If you really listen to what they are saying on social media, you can open doors and start a conversation without having to make a cold call. Look at your current clients and see what groups they are members of – on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Answer questions when you can, provide your expertise and get people to know you. No one buys your type of investment in radio advertising from a stranger.
  5. YELP. That’s right. Find your prospect’s pain point. Check their reviews and see how you can help them solve some of their problems. Maybe create a better brand outlook for them. Address any negatives they may have by creating great advertising for them.

Sales is a social experience, be it in person, by phone or online. Your listeners and some customers may be ahead of you in social networking skills, but with time you can catch up and profit from your efforts.

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